Lio Piccolo is a town in the northern lagoon of Venice included in the municipality of Cavallino-Treporti: it is sometimes referred to as an island, although it is rather a set of islets separated by narrow channels.

The name Lio is a local term, now disused, which means lido. The latin name Litus Minor served to distinguish it from the nearby Litus Maior, the current Lio Maggiore in Jesolo. It is accessed from Treporti along a very scenic route, surrounded by ponds and salt marshes.

It is a predominantly agricultural town: around the church dedicated to Santa Maria della Neve arise a handful of buildings, and the surrounding landscape is characterized by the presence of vegetable gardens – where they grow, among other things, the castraure notes (the first the violet artichoke bud) and zizole (jujube) – with some isolated house, interspersed with canals, lagoons and fishing valleys.