SlowVenice is a network of tourist companies that offers travel experiences embracing the “slow tourism” philosophy with its emphasis on authenticity, sustainability and close contact with local cultures and traditions.

We like to call your stay travel experience because you live experiences of history, culture and nature through the stories of those who love Venice and the Lagoon, on foot, by bicycle, by canoe or with colourful typical boats.

We personalize your holiday based on your passions. Look, listen, and feel the desire to discover landscapes out of the ordinary:

In 2015 we had Skål’s recognition for the project Venice, another tourism is possible and in 2016 we won the UNESCO Tourism Culture Award with the weekend in Lio Piccolo: The Lagoon of Venice from sustainable perspective

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SlowVenice is a Limosa idea.

Limosa works for 30 years for environmental education, school tourism, land management and research.

Limosa Tour Operator
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I – 30175 Venezia Mestre
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